We're proud to back these amazing companies:

Expanding late-stage companies

  • Gross-Wen Technologies (Slater, IA)   Website | Investment Announcement
    Patented wastewater treatment technology known as the revolving algal biofilm system (RAB) cost-effectively recovers nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater.
  • Higher Learning Technologies (Coralville, IA)   Website
    Mobile applications to help students study on-the-go for college admissions tests, classroom courses, professional certifications and licensure exams.
  • SmartScripts (Washington, IA)   Website
    A state-of-the-art adherence management system and personalized pharmacy that delivers convenient, multi-dose prescription strips to your home.


Scaleup stage companies

  • ClinicNote (Des Moines, IA)   Website
    Cloud-based electronic medical record software for outpatient therapy.
  • EdgeData (Cedar Rapids, IA)   Website
    Equips enterprises to profit from Big Data intelligence by capturing data, computing it using proprietary algorithms, and turning it into actionable information. For example, their BladeEdge product performs blade-condition assessments on wind farms.
  • Nebullam (Ames, IA)   Website
    An indoor farming tech company growing produce and delivering it direct to consumers' doorsteps within hours of harvest.
  • OpenLoop (Des Moines, IA)   Website
    An online platform designed to help match healthcare providers with hospitals and other facilities that require extra staffing assistance.
  • PVpallet (Cedar Rapids and Keokuk, IA)   Website | Investment Announcement
    Manufactures a recyclable plastic pallet for the global solar industry to transport panels safely, efficiently and without breakage.
  • Rantizo (Iowa City, IA)   Website
    A software platform that integrates with drones and imaging tech to identify crop protection issues and deliver precise in-field applications of crop inputs using autonomous drones.
  • Stratafolio (Cedar Rapids, IA)   Website
    A web-based software solution providing a total property management platform for owners and managers of commercial real estate.
  • Swinetech (Solon, IA)   Website
    Software and hardware products to improve the production and health of animals and performance of human teams working in the swine industry.
  • Tractor Zoom (Urbandale, IA)   Website
    An easier shopping experience for equipment sold at auction - and an equipment valuation data warehouse.


Early-stage startup companies

  • Axis U (Ankeny, IA)   Website
    Online apprenticeship programs for employers to develop and build workforce talent.
  • Curbicus (Clear Lake, IA)   Website
    A patent-pending, lightweight, easy-to-use vacuum device that “picks up” and disposes dog waste in a clean, hands-free and environmentally safe way with self-closing compostable capsules.
  • Farmhand App (DeWitt, IA)   Website
    A mobile application for farmers to find farmhands to get day to day jobs done.
  • IEP Equity (Des Moines, IA)   Website
    Helps parents through the individualized education planning (IEP) process for their children with special needs. The software application is a communications toolkit that joins parents with mediators that help them understand concepts and jargon as well as provides support and connects schools with the necessary platforms and resources to help all their students.
  • Lotus Razors (Ames, IA)   Website
    A circular razor that improves the consumer’s shaving experience and results. This ergonomic circular design allows the product to move in any direction, eliminates cuts, reduces irritation, and lasts longer than conventional razors.
  • Mazen Animal Health (Ames, IA)   Website
    Develops novel biological vaccines and therapeutics that disrupt the status quo and address complex or unsolved challenges in animal health and protein production.
  • Presaj (Cedar Rapids, IA)   Website
    An accessible software application that gives healthcare providers access at the point of care to quantified patient-specific risk factors that accurately identifies procedural and/or prescriptive risk-factors for common medical and surgical procedures. As a result, physicians and other care-providers will improve medical treatment and corresponding results for patients, mitigate potential mistakes, and lower overall medical costs for the organization.
  • Sevelyn (Clive, IA)   Website
    An online marketplace for teletherapy services for Latinos in the U.S. Through its platform Sevelyn connects Latino patients to licensed, board-certified therapists and psychologists in Latin America who understand the culture, language, beliefs, and daily mental health challenges faced by Latinos in the U.S.
  • Stagerie (Clive, IA)   Website
    An online tool/service that provides specific staging recommendations and instructions for homeowners and realtors to improve home appearance and marketability for better open-houses, showings, and sales results.
  • Steel Therapeutics (Iowa City, IA)   Website
    A biotech company focused on getting FDA approval for pharmaceutical therapies in the pharmacy compounding sector. Steel’s initial product is a unique and convenient delivery solution for a pharmaceutical compound to treat a common medical condition, improve compliance, and increase efficacy.
  • The Agenda. Period. (Brighton, IA)   Website
    An all-in-one planning system and app that helps high achieving women use their menstrual cycle to increase their productivity and impact. The app teaches women about the four phases of their cycle and how to use the gifts of each cycle for peak productivity.
  • TuitionFit (Davenport, IA)   Website
    Gives college-bound students, families and college search counselors the pricing information they need to make the most informed decisions possible.
  • Vet Measure (Ames, IA)   Website
    An animal health technology company saving the lives of dogs with MeasureON!® - a unique, reliable, and comfortable wearable harness designed to alert veterinarians when a dog's vital signs enter a critical state, preventing further sickness or disease.